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When you and your website are on a break.

In the good old times, before Ross and Rachel got together, all you needed to run a business (say, a hangout “Central Perk”) besides basic coffee, baked goods and a comfy sofa, was a cash register, a phone line and a door lock. And if you wanted to know what your customers are up to, all you had to do was to look up. 

Fast forward to the era of Doordash, TikTok, ChatGPT, and Nitro Cold Brew. Your business is your website – it is your front door and your back office, your chalkboard and your checkout, your sales agent and your supplies scout. And if your website is on a break, so is your business. Your customers cannot see your prices and promotions, cannot place orders and cannot even yell at you for not being there for them. Meanwhile, your employees are stressed and frustrated, and your suppliers don’t know the delivery schedules.

But why would your website all of a sudden fail you? Haven’t you paid good money to have it built and secured so that it looks and works exactly how you like it?

Thing is, even the most basic of sites is made of no less than a few thousand parts. Most of them are made by different companies, and a disturbingly large number of them are maintained by volunteer enthusiasts.

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Lots of these parts live outside of your website – in well known places run by Big Tech as well as in more obscure and remote corners of the Internet. When they become suddenly unavailable, this whole Jenga tower comes crashing down. After making lots of noise and waking up enough important people, it is quickly cobbled back together. 

But while your website is running again, it may not look or work the way you intended – from broken pictures and blocked videos to missing inventory, wrong prices, annoying pop-ups or outright offensive comments.

That’s why simply checking whether your website is up is not enough. The mere fact that your website has a pulse does not mean it’s not “brain dead”.

Awarebee is a different kind of website monitoring tool. It looks at your site exactly how your customers look at your site. When they see something broken, blocked, missing, or inappropriate, so does Awarebee. It compares how the site looks now to how you wanted it to look and as soon as it detects the unexpected – it sounds the alarm, so you’ll be the first to know and have a chance to fix the problem with your site before it becomes a problem for your business.

By choosing to be proactive with Awarebee, you’re not just fixing errors; you’re preserving the trust of your customers, the confidence of your employees, and the respect of your suppliers. In the digital age, where your website is your key business asset, ensuring that it looks and works exactly as you intend is not just an option – it’s a necessity.

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