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Websites break.

Be the first to know

We use Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and NLP to detect the changes that matter to you - broken images, texts, styles and other glitches and issues.

Awarebee monitors

Don't lose your customers

Business use cases

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Customer Retention
  • Don’t lose your customers to unexpected changes, broken links, missing or blocked content.
  • Monitor how your customers rate you and what they say in their reviews.
  • Don’t miss important federal, state, local and foreign regulatory changes.
  • Keep a full history of how your website looked on any day.
Business Opportunities
  • Be the first one to know about new contracts, RFPs, wholesale, dropshipping, and other opportunities.
Competitor Monitoring
  • Learn through website monitoring when competitors change their prices, offer special promotions or run out of stock.
Web Regression
  • Automatically and regularly check how your website actually looks vs. how it is supposed to.
Easy to Start / Easy to Use
  • Start website monitoring with one click
  • No credit card, no commitment, no ads
  • Get change notifications in your mailbox
No False Alerts / No Misses
  • Highly accurate change detection using computer vision
  • Smart alerts powered by AI
Customize Everything
  • Look for changes in a single word or in the entire site
  • Track from smallest of details to large changes only
  • Check for changes as often as you like

How it works


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We use Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing to detect the changes that matter to you

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What is a page check?

When we look for changes on a page we compare how this page looks now with how it looked before. This comparison between two versions of a single page is what we call a page check.

How often do you check websites for changes?

Most of our customers prefer to check their websites a few times a day. However, depending on the plan, you can check for changes as often as every few minutes.

At what time of the day do you check for changes?

You can set the time when we check for changes according to your preferences.

How quickly will you let me know when you find changes?

We will send you an alert as soon as we discover the change.

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