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Easily and accurately monitor websites for changes that matter. Choose what and when to know.

Awarebee Awarebee

How it started

On the web things change all the time. This means that unless you keep a constant eye on everything, you will miss out. You want to be the first one to know about that special sale, or a job opening or if your own website is broken? But who has the time to refresh a million pages all day long?

Same as you, we were frustrated by missing out and annoyed about having to check on things all the time.

To solve this, we created Awarebee to monitor web pages and buzz us when it finds something that changed.

We’ve been using Awarebee ourselves for over a year and scored some amazing deals and caught some changes that we would otherwise miss.

Now, we’re ready to share our much improved tool with the world. Give us a try and stop hitting that refresh button!


Our mission at Awarebee is to empower individuals and businesses to stay informed and ahead of the curve in the ever-changing online world. Our cutting-edge technology obsessively looks for changes and alerts you when it finds something important. We want to save your time and focus your attention on what really matters.


We use the latest in Artificial Intelligence to detect changes, and we present what this sophisticated technology finds in a simple, clear and intuitive user interface.

From your personalized dashboard you can easily tweak what and how to look for. Monitor the entire website or a part of a page. Choose which changes you consider important, check for changes every few minutes or once a day, and receive alerts via email, SMS or custom API.


We are located in New York City area.
Question, comments, observation – feel free to drop us a line here.